amelie tan

Family Expectations

On Tuesday, 19 July: We started with a bit of each person’s family background and why the topic appealed to everyone, and then let the conversation evolve. A broad spectrum of topics were discussed, and here we lay them into loosely defined categories along with takeaways:

Religion… in everyday life

Religion as a conversation topic was suggested very early on, in the beginning of Cut The Small Talk movement, when we didn’t know how to approach the topic without it being divisive. However, after almost a year’s experience of tackling potentially touchy topics like affairs, death, and drugs and realising that it is indeed possible

Truth & Lies

After a couple of weeks of touching on sexy topics, we decided to step out of the metaphorical bedroom and look at a SFW subject on Lies, on the evening of 24 November.   It started with a comment someone made, “when did deception become okay?” We explored attitudes, intentions, reasons that people have for