Speakeasy : Creativity + Conversation Cards

>> How might we make interesting conversations more effortless?

Whether for workshops or a dinner with friends, networking events or team brainstorms, these cards are a nudge towards even more useful, surprising, norm-challenging, creative, and engaging conversations.

Cards PDF [Free]

Here’s 72 “for all occasions” cut the small talk question cards, and 24 “sex-y” sex & relationship question cards! CC BY-NC-SA license.

Beautiful Deck [Kickstarter]

Thought-provoking questions on one side, creativity-provoking photographs on the other! Engage the whole brain.

We’ve been testing & iterating these cards for 2 years… and we’ve just been 100% funded thanks to our Kickstarter backers, thank you!

Games & Facilitation Guide (PDF)Research

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Thank you for following this project and testing past prototypes! Thank you for dinners of engaging, important topics, and creative workshops.

– Angela

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