Courageous, Candid Business Failure Stories

Success stories make the road to success look so smooth and linear. Fuck Up Nights is about all the critical, boring, disastrous, frustrating, depressing, tough, mess, and epiphany moments in between.

Every other month, we bring together 3-4 entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, to share their fuck ups — a business failure, served with a side of confusion, heartbreak, raw honesty, and self-discovery. Here, it’s ok to share what’s not going well.


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Cut The Small Talk and…

We, the Triple A’s (Angela, Amelie, Adele), couldn’t do this alone!

Special thanks to… for recording our speakers!

Yannick and team from FuckUp Nights Global; Dennis and superinterns at the Hub for staying with us all night.

(All photos by co-org Angela Ognev)

Our Past Events

Thanks for joining us to challenge the norms that tell us to hide our difficulties and embarrassments; they surface the personal and emotional elements of business failure, and redefine fuckups with courage, honesty, and humor!

XVI. June 7th, 2017

(Takeaways, photogallery, and bios!)

Walter Oh

Kimberly Weiss
Website, Instagram
(Video) (Slides)

Sandra Quelle
Vitae Advisor
(Video) (Slides)

XV. Apr 5th, 2017

(Takeaways, photogallery, and bios!)

Steve Feiner
A Better Florist, ex-Google
(Video) (Slides)

Sandhya Sriram, PhD
(Video) (Slides)

XIV. Feb 8th, 2017

(Takeaways, photogallery, and bios!)

Elisha Tan
Facebook, TechLadies

Hemant Chanrai
Eight Four Capital, Azzura Solar

Steph Phua

Hester Aba
Delilah Creative

XIII. Dec 7th, 2016

(Takeaways, photogallery, and bios!)

Alexander Linnerth & Bernhard Schwarz – Sunshine NationGarden Beats
(Video) (Slides)

Zai Miztiq
Miztiq Ally
(Video) (Slides)

Imran Mohamed
Fast Business Growth
(Video) (Slides)

XII. Oct 5th, 2106

(Takeaways, Photogallery and bios!)

Mrinalini Venkatachalam
UN Women

Andrea Loh
Dragon Law, The Apprentice Asia

XI. Aug 3rd, 2016

(Takeaways, Photogallery and bios!)

Keith Ng
Co-founder of

Mentor to spiritual business owners (

Richard Phu
Ultimate Man (

X. June 30th: Social Impact Edition

(Photogallery and bios!) With World Summit Awards global delegates.

Nadav Ossendryver 
Founder of (South Africa)

Grace Clapham-Gadbois
Co-founder of

Odeta Iseviciute (Lithuania)

IX. June 1st, 2016

(Photogallery and bios!)

CK Vishwakarma
Founder of ATCAlliance (IoTSG)

Dr. Martha Tara Lee
Founder of Eros Coaching (Clinical Sexologist)

Yoshiaki Ieda
P&G Global Marketing Lead (Serial Entrepreneur)

VIII. April 7th, 2016: Business Gets Personal

(Photogallery and bios!)

Angela Ognev – on ego, data with a grain of salt, mistaking urgency for importance, conversations around not feeling appreciated

Aishy Za – on overestimation, runway, going all in, escape, trust, life as a series of experiments, and happiness vs happier

Shilpa S Nath – on burnout, using work as a distraction, running away from problems, self-care, and being fine with just being fine

VII. February 4th, 2016

(Photogallery and bios!)

Ricardo Sentosa
CEO and founder of Venuerific

Kimble Ngo
Founder, Lead trainer of Amplify Influence

Abhishek C George
Co-founder of F&B Singapore, Resident drunk at The Spiffy Dapper

Calvin Soh
Founder of Ninety Nine Percent

VI. December 3rd, 2015

(Photogallery and bios!)

Steven Pang
Recruitment businesses serial entrepreneur

Muriel Boutin-Becuwe
(Co-Founder of PAPAYAPATHS)

Kelvin Lim
Founder of Executive Coach International

V. October 7th, 2015

(Photogallery and bios!)

Claudia Correia
Clinical Dietician, Raffles Hospital 

Eadren Tan
Creative Coach, Language That Works

Geeman Yip
Founder and CEO, BitTitan

IV. August 13th, 2015

(Photogallery and bios!)

III. July 2nd, 2015

(Photogallery and bios!)

Gabriel Cher

Krystal Choo
Hey Wander

Harald Battran
Management Consultant

Winnie Chua

II. May 20th, 2015

(Photogallery and bios!)

Grace Sai
The Hub

Elisha Tan

Kevin Flanagan
Big Data, AI, Risk

I. March 12th, 2015

(Photogallery and bios!)

Sam Wan

Kazuya Nakamura

Shariff Raffi

Deborah Emmanuel
Words In My Belly

0. December 18th, 2014

Before we were Cut The Small Talk and FuckUp Nights, we were Rethink Failure.
Our first event was on Dec 18th… part Christmas party, part panel on the topics of success and failure. (Organised by Angela Ognev, Kyaw Lin Oo, & Son Le Thanh.) Read our life and business takeaways, learn more about our speakers and sponsors here.

Fannie Kue

Lars Voedisch
PRecious Comms

Leslie Loh
Tien Academy

Eric Meyer


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    People know me as the straight-talking foodie (or rather, a pleasure advocate), (borderline) alcoholic and cat-lover. All very socially-accepted stuff. What I don't talk about often enough are atheism, death, how I deal with relationships of all kinds, and how I want to see justice served to those who deserve (in legal ways) and many more. These are the topics I want to bring to the table in our upcoming conversations. Leave your self-consciousness at the door and join us.

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