Rethink Failure — Entrepreneur Takeaways

Before we were Cut The Small Talk and FuckUp Nights, we were Rethink Failure — our goal was to challenge the definitions of failure and success, to teach people not just not to launch but also how to land softly.
Our first event was on Dec 18th… part Christmas party, part panel on the topics of success and failure.
We invite 4 speakers — the provoking thoughts and advice they shared on life, business decisions, and teams are below! Thank you to Fannie Kue (, Eric Meyer (Apvera), Lars Voedisch (PRecious Comms), Leslie Loh (Tien Academy).

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Yes, takeaways at the bottom.
What’s something you’re celebrating today — or something you can think about in a different way and then celebrate?
Happy holidays and welcome 2015!
Kyaw & Bryan (Eventnook), Son (Startup Grind), Angela (Rethink Failure)
You already know them well, from their experiences and most gruesome moments, to what excites them or makes them laugh. I think the takeaways below speakers well for them!
From left to right in the attached image:
Fannie Kue (, Eric Meyer (Apvera), Lars Voedisch (PRecious Comms), Leslie Loh (Tien Academy).
They’re cc’d if you’d like to connect directly.
Feel free to share these points!
On life, success, and failure…
— be a life long learner — see yourself as if you were a book or a subject and learn from what you do (Leslie)
— Reflect and celebrate. Set your intention for the next year. (Fannie)
— what we all tend to miss is reflection. Commit time to reflect
— all of the celebrations at the panels were moments where we learned from failure
— true failure is only when you’ve decided not to pick up and learn from what happened in bad decisions (Eric)
— be confident in your gut (Lars)
On you, the entrepreneur…
— balance between an investor and entrepreneur, optimist and rational pessimist (Leslie)
— dare to say no, dare to quit — quitting is like starting something new (Fannie)
— pick your battles (Lars)
— being an entrepreneur gives you flexible time — not less working hours (Eric)
On teams…
— hiring is the most important. Do they flow with the team? This is more important than testing skills — they should have the skills, or learn, if they are applying. Get rid of the bad apples fast — they cost more in the long run. (Lars & Eric)
— have open conversations about uncomfortable things as soon as possible — don’t avoid it or hope it’ll go away (Eric)
— watch out for conflict that attacks people, and vague agreement that hides true opinions (Fannie)
On business decisions…
— know who you are NOT for. The red flag for a bad business is one that wants to be for everyone (Leslie)
— entrepreneurship is like gambling — how do you know when to quit? when you’re winning or losing? follow what feels right (Eric)
— if you’ve failed on your objectives, review what happened, what was expected, your objectives, and why those objectives were picked — what made them significant? (Eric)
— cheap means you will compete on price. Is that where you want to be? Maybe yes, maybe no. Price signifies value and quality. (Lars)
— if lifetime value is less than cost for a customer, get out of the business (Leslie)
–> The organisers: Kyaw, Son, Bryan, Angela (me)
–> Those who jumped in to help us greet, set up, clean up 100s of cups: Aishy, Kaixin, Eugene, Jian Liang — shoutout to Orange Hive,Reactor, and SlideComet!
–> YOU! Thank you for listening opening, closing your eyes, asking questions, meeting like-minds, and taking time to celebrate.
And to the people who make all of this space, food, and people possible:
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Happy holidays!
Kyaw , Son, Bryan, Angela


Angela OgnevRethink Failure — Entrepreneur Takeaways
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